Jola Cora was born in Chêne-Bougeries, Switzerland to a Swiss Italian father and a Polish mother. She went to school in Geneva and spent her summer vacations in Warsaw until she was 14 when she moved with her mother and her sister to Warsaw, Poland and spent her summer vacations in Geneva.

Her first passion were trees, then ballet but at the age of 12 she decided to become an actress, inspired by Winona Ryder.

She started to write at 11, first poems and soon novels, later plays and screenplays as well as articles and essays.

She became an actress at 15 playing in Teatr Nowy, Warsaw.

She studied Philosophy in Nice, France, and is still forever a student of Michel Onfray, Albert Camus, Nietzsche, Lucretius, Epicure, Spinoza, Emerson and more.

She started making her own movies back in Warsaw. She made three shorts, two features and a documentary, all on video, training her craft. She also studied acting in Warsaw where she continued to play in film and theatre.

In 2007 she worked in New York on Hideous Thoughts directed by Rossana Rizzo as an actress, assistant and sound recordist.

Between 2006 and 2012, she was a hand model in 5 commercials for Polish and Italian TV.

She worked as a hair model for L’Oréal in Warsaw in 2009.

She was a model for Tela Design, Veronica Paige and Ouch Magazine during Fashion Week in September 2010 in New York.

In 2011 she directed Pandemos, a silent short film, in Warsaw. It was screened at the art gallery Kordegarda in June-July 2013.

In 2012 she directed Noc (The Night), a feature that she also wrote and starred in.

In June 2014 she moved to Los Angeles, where she is pursuing acting, writing and directing.

In Oct-Dec 2014 she co-starred in Wonder Women at The Next Stage theatre in Hollywood. In November, she directed and played in the short film Live Laugh Laugh.

Also in 2014, she played a small role in the independent movie Frank Flutie and she was a featured background in Pandemic where she appears alongside Missy Pyle and Alfie Allen.

In March 2015, she got cast in the double role of Mrs.Oswald and The Witch in the feature Lady of Lafayette.

In April 2015, she played Maggie the waitress in the thriller Uploaded alongside Beverly Mitchell.

At the end of April until the begining of May, she was shooting Lady of Lafayette, on location in Oregon.

On June 5, 2015 her play The House by The Swamp, which she wrote, directed and produced and in which she plays the lead role, premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

In November 2015, she got cast as The Black Hole Queen in Robert Catalusci’s production of the performance play Humilious, which premiered in April 2016, on the steps of the Los Angeles City Hall.

In February and March 2016, she played in three short films: www. model .com , directed by Ruthie Raja, where she played the role of a model who fell victim of sex trade, Hole in my Heart, directed by Josh Caldwell where she played a former ballerina who became a stripper and Too Far Gone, directed by Keon Sheikhvand where she played a German tourist kidnapped in the Sequoias.

In May 2016 she was at the Cannes Film Festival where her short Live Laugh Love was accepted in the Short Film Corner.

From July to September 2016, back in Los Angeles, Jola played featured roles in a couple of movies, TV shows and music videos as well as the lead role of Ava in This is Ava, a short film shot in Joshua Tree and directed by Andrew Herwitz and she co-starred as Aida in the feature An Hour to Kill, directed by Aaron K. Carter.

In March, Jola got cast as Desdemona in a stage production of Othello opening at the end of June 2017.

In April 2017, she played the Mermaid in Maneli, shot in Malibu; a dream come true…

In June 2017, she played Elmira Royster in The Seventeen Deaths of Edgar Allan Poe.

In December 2017, Jola started the pre-production of her short film Night Beauty, which she wrote, directed and starred in. The filming took place in February 2018.

From September through December 2018, with an extension in February and March 2019, she was the main villain in the interactive play Delusion: The Blue Blade, created and directed by Jon Braver. A life changing experience where she met some of the most wonderful people in the Los Angeles theater world.

On June 7, 2019, her play Siren Call opened at the Blank Theatre in Los Angeles. It was her biggest success to date: an Encore Award winner, with full houses at almost every performance and amazing reviews. She is now working on the feature film version and is looking for producers.

From October to December 2021 you could see her as Priss in Delusion’s latest immersive theatre show Reaper’s Remorse in Pomona, California.

Her fairy tale Ataraxia came out in 2022 in hardcover and audiobook.

From September to mid-November 2022 she plays Jessica and Esther in Jon Braver’s Delusion Valley of Hollows in Pomona, California.


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