The Orchid and The Maiden (2020)
dir. Tom Price, Puerto Vallarta
The Maiden (lead)

Father (2019)
dir. Max Innis, Big Bear Lake
Ava (lead)

Na Ja, Bonne Chance (2018)
dir. Melissa Pawneshing, Los Angeles
Tika (lead)

Night Beauty (2018)
dir. Jola Cora, Los Angeles
Marina (lead)

The Seventeen Deaths of Edgar Allan Poe (2017)
dir. Victoria Harley, Los Angeles
Elmira Royster (supporting)

Maneli (2017)
dir. Max Innis, Malibu
Mermaid (lead)

The Color of Truth is Grey (2017)
dir. Ross Lambent, Los Angeles
Amanda (supporting)

An Hour to Kill (2016)
dir. Aaron K. Carter, Los Angeles
Aida (supporting)

This is Ava (2016)
dir. Andrew Herwitz, Joshua Tree
Ava (lead)

Too Far Gone (2016)
dir. Keon Sheikhvand, California
Gilberta (supporting)

Hole in my Heart (2016)
dir. Josh Caldwell, Los Angeles
Mariam (lead)

www. model .com (2016)
dir. Ruthie Raja, Los Angeles
Michelle (supporting)

Lady of Lafayette (2015)
dir. Erin LaMere, Oregon
Mrs.Oswald/The Witch (lead)

Uploaded (2015)
dir. Ethan Black and Kamran Delan, Los Angeles
Maggie (featured)

Pandemic (2014)
dir. John Suits, Los Angeles
Zombie (featured)

Live Laugh Love (2014)
dir. Jola Cora, Los Angeles
Chloe (lead)

Frank Flutie (2014)
dir. Josh Mitchell, Los Angeles
Maria (featured)

Noc (2013)
dir. Jola Cora, Warsaw
Maja (lead)

Labirynt (2011)
dir. Agnieszka Kowalczyk, Warsaw
Kociara (supporting)

Pandemos (2011)
dir. Jola Cora, Warsaw
The Girl (lead)

Sour Milk (2010)
dir. Jade Edwards, New York
Lucille (lead)

Hideous Thoughts (2007)
dir. Rossana Rizzo, New York
Karaoke girl (supporting)


Delusion: Valley of Hollows (2022)
prod. Jon Braver, Pomona

Delusion: Reaper’s Remorse (2021)
prod. Jon Braver, Pomona

Siren Call (2019)
prod. Jola Cora, Los Angeles

Delusion: The Blue Blade (2018)
prod. Jon Braver, Los Angeles

Humilious (2016)
prod. Robert Catalusci, Los Angeles
The Black Hole Queen

The House by the Swamp (2015)
prod. Jola Cora, Los Angeles

Wonder Women (2014)
prod. Chris Berube, Los Angeles

Teatr Sanatorium (2010)
prod. Lukasz Kwietniewski, Warsaw


Horror Haiku (2013) dir. Gene Blalock, Los Angeles


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